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Community and Governance

Open source powers much of the technology world. NGINX has been a strong part of this movement from its inception. As the internet has grown, so have we, from our initial web server to the myriad of projects involving JavaScript, Kubernetes, API gateways, OpenTelemetry, and WebAssembly. NGINX is committed to open source both in ethos and practicality, aiming to deliver reliable and cutting-edge technology within a healthy open source culture. Whether NGINX is part of your open source past or a step in your present, we welcome you into the future together.

To learn more about our commitment, please visit our Governance page.

Committed to Our Mission

We believe that healthy communities are core to innovation and open source sustainability. It is our mission to enable the NGINX community to engage with and develop solutions based on open and available NGINX technologies. Together we can power the future.

Our community is your entry into an open world of information, collaboration, and discussion. Thanks for joining us.

Code of Conduct

Per our values, NGINX strives to create an inclusive community for all. Please remember our Code of Conduct (CoC) when participating in the NGINX community.

If you wish to tell us about a CoC violation, please email us here:

Community Spaces

Find the NGINX community here:

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists can be browsed. To post to a mailing list, an e-mail address that will be used for posting must first be subscribed.


Commercial Support

We offer commercial support for nginx and our commercial products.